The innovative technology of ThermIQ heating panels create comfortable infrared warmth. The panels consist of high quality safety glass, on which the unique ThermIQ semiconductorfilm is applied. This will ensure the necessary and appropriate (FAR) infrared spectrum. The panels are internally warmth-isolated and with the aluminum frame they are a sleek and aesthetic heating solution. Our professional production represents our high quality, workmanship and the advantageous durability of the panels.


Infrared is a warmth with which the sun heats the earth. Infrared warmth is also produced by our own bodies. When our body exerts itself, this heat is released. It is thus a natural method for heating. The frequency of the energy spectrum of our panels is around 10.000 nm, which is pleasant and healthy. For a while now the beneficial effects of infrared on humans and animals have been known.

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The ThermIQ heating panels are about 3 cm thick. They consist of safety glass, on which a ThermIQ semiconductor layer is applied. The whole is enclosed by an aluminum frame. The glass plates have a standard white or black finish, but they can also be coated with a different color or even prints.

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The infrared heating panels perform optimally by using the intelligence of the ThermIQ control systems. These controls provide the perfect setting of the panels. Due to the applied intelligence you obtain optimal efficiency so that the use of energy is limited. For the IQ in our heating solutions we give a high commitment!

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ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels can also be connected to the traditional thermostats. With this, all the standard functions of these systems are available to you.

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We deliver and produce ThermIQ’s infrared heating panels in two sizes: 120 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm. The standard panels contain a white or black coating. We can also produce custom-made units, with prints for example.

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Technical information

The use of infrared as a heating method has long been known and is widely used. Our panels generate the infrared heat through the semiconductor layer. Because of the temperature this creates, the emission is incited which ensures the transmission of infrared in the "far infrared" spectrum.

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The infrared heating panels give the best results when they are mounted on the ceiling. The 170-degree angle then serves the entire area of use. However, mounting the panel diagonally or on the walls is also possible. The mounting on the ceiling or in ceiling systems is extremely easy.

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