Infrared cabins

As well as your home, your infrared cabin can also be equipped with ThermIQ’s infrared panels. The pleasant warmth our panels radiate inside the cabins, is experienced even more intensively and feels like a blessing to the skin. The infrared these panels radiate, has a positive effect on the health of the human body.

What is an infrared cabin ?

An infrared cabin is comparable to a sauna, space-wise. However, an infrared cabin does not get as hot and the warmth feels more pleasant because it is dry and not produced by convection but by radiation, like that of the sun. Therefore it feels as if you are lying in the sun. It is beneficial for relaxation, the skin and bloodcirculation.

Benefits of an infrared cabin

Infrared is healthy, this is commonly known. Infrared cabins strengthen the body and when regularly used, they provide an increased resistance against harmful influences.

The benefits of infrared cabins summed up:

  • They heighten the body’s resistance
  • They stimulate bloodcirculation
  • They relax the muscular tissues
  • They cleanse the skin
  • They speed up the healing of injuries, sprains and dislocations