In school buildings ventilation is of great importance. The air in classrooms needs to be refreshed constantly. This is necessary for the purpose of creating a healthy working climate and to support concentration during the lessons. Normally speaking, ventilation occurs at the expense of warmth. This is not the case with ThermIQ’s infrared heating, which heats the objects and not the air.

How it works

ThermIQ’s infrared heating heats the floor, tables, chairs and individuals directly. The air is only heating indirectly (through the tables and chairs). Therein lies the principle reason to start using this innovative heating technology in schools. These schools can offer their students a healthy and clean learning environment, which is great!

Saving energy

In addition to creating a healthy interior environment in classrooms, ThermIQ’s infrared panels also provide a saving of energy. This is the result of the intelligent controls in the panels, which supply a constant, perfect temperature in the classrooms. Thanks to these regulations, excess heat will never occur. In short, only that amount of heat is produced which is really required.

Heating and ventilation of schools

In order to optimally concentrate, a constant temperature in the classrooms is important. In addition, the renewal of the air is of importance. Preferably without creating a disadvantageous air- and dust flow. ThermIQ’s infrared heating makes it possible to keep the temperature constant inside the classroom and at the same time regulating the much-needed air ventilation. This, as stated before, is because the air is not heated


Heating with ThermIQ’s infrared panels is ideal for schools. It is energy efficient, healthy and prevents unwanted air-flow which results in the circulation of dust and mites.

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Infrared heater in a hall and ceiling