One employee may feel hot, while another is shivering with cold. This is an often heard complaint in large working areas and open-plan offices. ThermIQ’s infrared panels make it possible to create specific differences per zone to accommodate personal preferences in one and the same area. A great service to your employees!

Ideal source of warmth in offices

Infrared is the ideal source for heating an office. This is mainly because of the considerable advantages such as:

  • Its efficient use of energy
  • Heating in separate zones
  • No dry air
  • No circulating air and dust swirling around
  • A more comfortable interior environment

In a more pleasant and comfortable indoor atmosphere all your employees will feel at ease. This in turn is conducive to their productivity and job satisfaction.

Warming office spacing whilst saving energy

Many companies consider Corporate Social Responsibility important. This not only means that, as an enterprise, you give something back to society but also that you are doing something for the environment. Things that come to mind are the sorting or limiting of waste, but also limiting use of energy. ThermIQ’s heating solutions enable you create a comfortable working climate and saving energy, by only heating where it is needed.

ThermIQ’s infrared heating

ThermIQ’s infrared heating consumes less energy than traditional heating This is because of the intelligent controls which are a part of these heating systems. ThermIQ’s heating panels constantly adjust their output to the requirements of the moment. Because of this, the temperature within the office stays constant and will not unnecessarily  be raised or lowered.


There are many benefits to ThermIQ’s intelligent infrared heating. You can think of:

  • Efficient energy use
  • Seamless connection to private energy generation
  • Zone heating
  • Healthy indoor climate

Would you like to learn more about how you can optimize your office heating? Contact us!

Infrared heating in system ceilings and under a glass roof