Health care

Traditional heating is based on convection, in other words, on air circulation. Warm air rises, cold air descends. However, this circulating air often is accompanied by dust. In health care practices this phenomenon can be detrimental to patients, for example, with allergies. Especially in areas which require the utmost hygiene, ThermIQ’s heating system can be an important benefit.

Infrared heating in health care

The principle on which our infrared heating is based brings about a direct warming of objects: the chairs, the beds, the people themselves. There is a direct transmission of warmth (think of the sun’s rays) and no warmth provided by air circulation. This has as an added result that dust circulation is also reduced considerably. In addition, ThermIQ’s panels offer large benefits because of their simple installation and their integration in the ceiling. Together with the smart ThermIQ controls connected to the panels it becomes possible to create personalized, private heating zones, so that each and every patient’s demands can be met.

ThermIQ infrared heating may very well be applied in:

  • Practice/ treatment areas
  • Patient rooms
  • Operating Rooms

Treatment areas

Medical specialists receive their patients in practice/ treatment areas. For these areas it is of great importance that the air is fresh and clean and that the circulation of air is limited. This can easily be realized by applying infrared heating. Infrared heating limits air circulation and creates a pleasant heating result.

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Patient rooms

Patient rooms and dormitories are the areas where the “client” remains most of the time during treatment or examination. The climate in these areas is of importance for conducing and supporting a feeling of well-being. ThermIQ’s heating panels contribute to this because they can provide solutions per individual needs per bed. Because there is no convection, they also lower the chance of infection.

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Sterile areas

Circulation of dustparticles, which is what happens with traditional central heating, may not occur in a sterile area. ThermIQ’s infrared heating system is the ideal solution for this. By heating only the objects, walls and floor, there is no air circulation.

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Operating rooms

Operating rooms are critical treatment areas that demand sterile conditions to perform in. In these areas convection and air circulation is not permitted, to prevent the movement of dust and of any bacteria in the air. By employing Laminair Flow the demands for sterility are met. However, it is also important that there is a pleasant temperature in an operating room, despite the demands of the air management. ThermIQ’s infrared panels present the perfect solution for this. They do not produce any air movement for heating purposes, and that’s why they are built into the facilities situated above the operating table.

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