About us

The company

Our attention is focused on corporate social responsibility. This means that our products and style of operating are based on a significance for a larger whole. ThermIQ is a fresh young company where experience and expertise is guaranteed. We work for 100% on "QI with IQ." This stands for:

"Quality Infrared (QI) heating solutions through intelligent (IQ) ways of production and putting it in practice”

Clean energy

We believe that we are standing at the beginning of new ways of handling and generating energy. In our opinion, plenty of energy can globally be generated in a “green” manner with the current technology and the technology of the future. Also the technology for clever energy control keeps innovating. We therefore constantly adjust our production processes to these developments.

Together with our business partners, we ensure that the integration of our infrared technology fits in the current and future methods for heating provision and generation of energy.

Dutch - German company

ThermIQ is a Dutch company with a German production facility for infrared heating panels. The knowledge and the production processes at ThermIQ have a continuous development and cycle of improvement.


ThermIQ has 2 locations: One production plant in Germany and a head office in the Netherlands, from where the enterprise is directed and administered.

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